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JBOLC Garden Community Farmers Market-donating fresh produce
With generous help from you and our farmer Jeremy of Clatter Valley Farm, we have been able to donate more than 2,400 lbs of farm fresh produce to our neighborhood food pantry POTS (Part Of the Solution) and "Friendly Fridges" in the Bronx and upper Manhattan after each market in 2020.
JBOLC Garden Community Farmers Market- friendly fridge
We have been upping our baking game - donating our own home made baked goods to the community fridges and fresh sourdough loaves for Free Soup during Food Bank pickups at Church of the Mediator in Kingsbridge. So far, over 100 snack packages (Pumpkin Cookies, slices of Banana Bread, slices of Sweet Potato Bread and 9 loaves of Sourdough. We're building capacity each time we bake.
When you shop at JBOLC market,

You are supporting our farmers & local vendors,

Helping to Green our environment,

Caring for our less-fortunate neighbors,

Building a healthier & stronger community

and Helping to grow our grassroots deeper & stronger
JBOLC Garden Community Farmers Market
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