Thanks to all of you, we are making our Farmers Market fantastic and a thriving success!
JBOLC Garden Community Farmers Market
JBOLC Garden Community Farmers Market featured by BRONXNET
With generous help from you and our farmer Jeremy of Clatter Valley Farm, we have been able to donate lots of farm fresh produce to our neighborhood food pantry POTS (Part Of the Solution) and "Friendly Fridges" in the Bronx and upper Manhattan after each market.
JBOLC Garden Community Farmers Market
* ~ Saturday is for JBOLC Garden Community Farmers Market
JBOLC Garden Community Farmers Market
Eat local, buy local, stay healthy, build a stronger community
JBOLC Garden Community Farmers Market
JBOLC Garden Community Farmers Market is open every Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm until October 31st.
Our Vendors
- Jeremy and Olivia from Clatter Valley Farm bringing all kinds of vegetables, fruits, and honey

- Chef Rootsie from Veggie Grub with *Veggie Patties, *Vegan Rib Tips and Sesame Noodle, *Dirty Rice w/pickled cucumbers, *Peanut Punch Drink

- Melise from Don Carvajal Café with an array of coffee products

- Carlton from Zambo Aroma presenting an assortment of shea butter based skin products and soaps

- Cultiva Now with jewelry and clothing, all artisanal and or hand made from South America,

- Jesenia from Plant Matter selling vegan banana bread, muffins, cookies, empanadas, plant-based goods and hand crafted goods

- Ilyssa from Have Another Cookie Co. selling some of the most ornate cookie creations you have ever seen!

- Camille from Penny Laine Sweets with a variety of cookies, cakes and more

- Ninoska from Mott Haven Film Festival carrying her merchandise including tote bags, T-shirts, masks, hats and more

Eco Bronx returns with sustainable products and ideas

Baba Juice is bringing truly delicious and healthy juice drinks.

- Giselle from Inner G Cells will arrive with orgonite and crystals, necklaces and other healing tools.

Living Immunity will bring to us a focus on Natural Holistic Healing offering a variety of Immunity boosting Herbal blends, such as; Tea Concoctions, Elixirs, Vegan Capsules, Bath Salts, as well as uplifting Superfood Powder blends.

- Latanya from nonprofit Bronx Bound Books selling books for $1 and accepting donations of your books

And JBOLC bringing bread from the Bronx' own Terranova Bakery along with Brendan's Authentic Honey of New York from the Hudson Valley, and an irresistable assortment of JBOLC Community Table Thank-you gifts for Donations.
JBOLC Garden Community Farmers Market
When you shop at the market,

You are supporting our farmers & local vendors,

Greening our environment,

Caring for our less-fortunate neighbors,

Building a healthier & stronger community

Helping to grow our grassroots deeper & stronger
Danielle Guggenheim has been sharing her love of reading for the children with story time from the beginning of the market.
JBOLC Garden Community Farmers Market site
Here, you can see our farmers market nicely nestled amongst towers, buildings, DeWitt Clinton Educational campus, Van Cortlandt Park on Northern side, and Jerome resourvoir on western side, and right next Meg's Garden Community and Edible Forest.
And we had our first Halloween Celebration in the Market

Even though it was quite a cold day and the gardens had their first frost, our Garden Community was in a pleasing mood, especially for the little children; cheery like sparrows and as light as butterflies!
We gave out lots of JBOLC cookies made with generosity and love by IIlyssa from Have Another Cookie Co. and Vegan & Gluten-Free Applesauce cookies made at a tiny home kitchen in the Bronx.

THANK YOU ALL for participating and posing for the camera!
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