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TOGETHER, we have made JBOLC Gaden Community Farmers Market fantastic and a thriving success!
JBOLC Garden Community Farmers Market
Our Market came to an end for the season but we'd like to take a moment to reflect on our wonderful debut to remind ourselves of just what it is we did together and to inspire each other again in the New Year!
JBOLC Garden Community Farmers Market
Starting in the beginning of August of 2020, in the midst of a terrifying pandemic, we gathered together to share vegetables and fruit from the earth, food that doesn't just fill or soothe or comfort us but food that nourishes and heals us.

We shared ideas and knowledge for how to grow and how to grow our garden community and James Baldwin Outdoor Learning Center. We shared our talents, our creativity and our love. We inspired each other. We lightened our loads and we helped to restore balance and hope that this beginning will be a lasting connection. We made observations and discoveries in a place where Mother Nature reigns. We listened with our hearts and all our senses at what nature has to teach us. We desire to practice our intricate, elaborate and sensual relationship to life on this earth.
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JBOLC Garden Community Farmers Market-donating fresh produce
With generous help from you and our farmer Jeremy of Clatter Valley Farm, we have been able to donate more than 2,400 lbs of farm fresh produce to our neighborhood food pantry POTS (Part Of the Solution) and "Friendly Fridges" in the Bronx and upper Manhattan after each market.
JBOLC Garden Community Farmers Market
Roman Guaraguaorix (Redhawk) Perez, the Kacike (chief) for Maisiti Yukayeke Taino; a tribe of the Taino Nation leads us in ceremony on land that was once Lenapehoking — Lenape land. (Photo: Doris Porto)
JBOLC Garden Community Farmers Market
We learned from trees how to dance, radiate and cooperate in our shared pursuit of the sun. And for the trees, we shared our precious and elegant labor, that which needs to be done to make this space more beautiful, more striking. We learned to play from the leaves. (sketch is courtesy of JBOLC volunteer, Joyce Harris)
JBOLC Garden Community Farmers Market
Bronx Soil Restorers lead a teach-in on November 21 to instruct food scrap donors about what it will take to continue composting over winter (Photo: Doris Porto)
We know that to be here is to be surrounded by sky, butterflies and finches, humming birds and humming bird moths. We know there is something dynamic and present here that teaches us about life, how to sustain life and find happiness and peace in practicing essential human labors like gardening, cooking, harvesting, preparing, serving, eating. We do this out of respect and love for ourselves, our families' and our friends' health - for the health of our Bronx Community. And through this all, we've made and are still making and maintaining our garden community.,

For all of this we give thanks!
What's happening now that it's winter and what will happen?
JBOLC Garden Community Farmers Market- winter garden
Like all good seeds we have been storing our energy and have begun dreaming about spring blossoms, renewed bounty, our branching, and where we go next? How might we direct and sustain our energy and growth? Yes, we have begun to plan but we want you involved, we want to hear from you. So far, our initiatives are: expanding outdoor education offerings during market hours, organizing a network of home producers to accept rescued produce to process and share with the community, establishing a food education and mobile community kitchen - or what we have been calling, a food kiosk. We also want to hear your ideas and, if you're willing, we need your help!
JBOLC Garden Community Farmers Market- friendly fridge
And meanwhile, though we are in a dreaming phase, we have not been dormant. We have been upping our baking game - donating our own home made baked goods to the community fridges and fresh sourdough loaves for Free Soup during Food Bank pickups at Church of the Mediator in Kingsbridge. So far, over 100 snack packages (Pumpkin Cookies, slices of Banana Bread, slices of Sweet Potato Bread and 9 loaves of Sourdough. We're building capacity each time we bake. We're also maintaining our public food scrap drop off and composting site - emptying tumblers and making sure there's always enough room for people to drop off more food scraps.
*~ Eat local, buy local, stay healthy, build a stronger community
JBOLC Garden Community Farmers Market
When you shop at JBOLC market,

You are supporting our farmers & local vendors,

Helping to Green our environment,

Caring for our less-fortunate neighbors,

Building a healthier & stronger community

Helping to grow our grassroots deeper & stronger
Danielle Guggenheim has been sharing her love of reading for the children with story time from the beginning of the market.
JBOLC Garden Community Farmers Market site
Here, you can see our farmers market nicely nestled amongst towers, buildings, DeWitt Clinton Educational campus, Van Cortlandt Park on Northern side, and Jerome resourvoir on western side, and right next Meg's Garden Community and Edible Forest.
And we had our first Halloween Celebration in the Market

Even though it was quite a cold day and the gardens had their first frost, our Garden Community was in a pleasing mood, especially for the little children; cheery like sparrows and as light as butterflies!
We gave out lots of JBOLC cookies made with generosity and love by IIlyssa from Have Another Cookie Co. and Vegan & Gluten-Free Applesauce cookies made at a tiny home kitchen in the Bronx.

THANK YOU ALL for participating and posing for the camera!
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