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INSECTAGEDDON coming to JBOLC Garden Community Farmers Market on September 25
A mysteriuos insect found sleeping on the grape leaves. It seems like it got tired after drilling an immense hole..
A two-day world-wide collective celebration of insects and pollinators,
whose diverse roles maintain every ecosystem on the planet. We are experiencing a time in world history when populations of insects and pollinators around the world are in rapid decline due to the immense scale of industrial farming and habitat destruction. Inspired by renowned artist and poet,Cecilia Vicuña, and in collaboration with High Line's annual month-long Horticulture Celebration, we will bring together local Bronx artists and poets, youth activists and citizen scientists,environmental scholars and entomologists to remind us of the importance of insects in maintaining our vegetal landscape for humans and all the other creatures that rely on plants to live.
We are currently on a planning stage. Details will be followed soon. Please visit again.

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