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INSECTAGEDDON had arrived on September 25. It was a great success thanks to you all who participated and we look forward to having it all over again next year.

Special huge thanks to all the wonderful educators: Laura Briscoe and Amanda Chandler, Haley McClanahan, Ariya Blitz, Alex Byrne, Lucy Dedigon, Ryan Mandelbaum, and Mike Whitten and Kayla Mackey.

It was a collective celebration of the insects and pollinators that maintain our ecosystems. Populations of insects are in rapid decline from industrial farming and habitat destruction. Artists, activists and scientists will remind us of the importance of insects. Our Insectageddon Celebration on September 25 will be the culminating event of a month long inquiry into the World of Insects.
A mysterious insect found sleeping on the grape leaves. It seems like it got tired after drilling an immense hole and was napping..
A two-day world-wide collective celebration of insects and pollinators,
whose diverse roles maintain every ecosystem on the planet. We are experiencing a time in world history when populations of insects and pollinators around the world are in rapid decline due to the immense scale of industrial farming and habitat destruction. Inspired by renowned artist and poet,Cecilia Vicuña, and in collaboration with High Line's annual month-long Horticulture Celebration, we will bring together local Bronx artists and poets, youth activists and citizen scientists,environmental scholars and entomologists to remind us of the importance of insects in maintaining our vegetal landscape for humans and all the other creatures that rely on plants to live.
We are still looking for ideas (and people and connections) to make this Insectageddon Event truly special!
We're so excited and ready to learn from you.
And please help us spread the news.

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We are also happy and grateful that Haley McClanahan, Lead Educator and Animal Care Specialist at Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy stopped by to talk about the basics of insect classification and identification. Haley brought some displays and activities for people to interact with on their own and had some live non-insect critters to show and touch as examples of animals that are commonly confused with insects.
Laura and Amanda encourage all of us to learn more about local insect diversity and resources to help identify our insect friends.