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💝JBOLC Market comes to Vladek Hall on 1/29/2022

Winter Blessings
Our market has ended for the season, it's "kinda" getting colder, flies have taken on some of the labor of pollination as the butterflies have migrated away but there are still blossoms, here and there to be seen, and plenty of seeds. And we miss you and we wish you all a healthy holiday season and a wonderful and healthy New Year!
New JBOLC Winter Events
And you won't have to wait until Spring when the Farmers Market reopens to get together with our garden community and James Baldwin Outdoor Learning Center because we are coming to you! Our first ever monthly JBOLC Garden Community Winter Carnival will launch on January 29 at Vladeck Hall at the Amalgamated. We will add additional venues and dates for the months to come. We want to share with you the blessings and joys of food, music, dance. We want to inspire creative play with our children. We want to engage our intergenerational community with a variety of activities: discussion, public forum, dance, artmaking, eco-conscious vendors, music, spoken word poetry, open mic and good and delicious food!

If you 'd like to join us in planning or have an idea or want to volunteer your talents, please let us know. Any help will be welcomed and greatly appreciated as we build our even greater community together.

Vladeck Hall
Named after Baruch Charney Vladeck (1886 -1938), the famed labor activist, Jewish Daily Forward Manager, New York City Council Member and public housing advocate, Vladeck Hall is a charming and versatile space with sensational acoustics, a perfectly sized auditorium, dance floor, with a stage for performances and of course - electricity & bathrooms. There is also a big kitchen with not only two stoves but two fridges as well. Plenty of prep tables to crank out some good healthy food! The hall is located at 11 Van Cortlandt Park South, not far from our market site.

JBOLC Garden Community Farmers Market
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2020 Annual Report
Please check above our accomplishments to feel the joy and love we all shared and inspired in each other last year. A big thanks to Eytan Stanton, one of our board members, who has prepared this stellar report.
monarch butterfly cacoon
Milkweed seed, chrysalis & monarch butterfly just born at Meg's Garden.
A child declared, "It has wings!"

JBOLC Insectageddon 2021
James Baldwin Outdoor Learning Center presentation at 2018 Municipal Art Society's Summit for New York City Innovation Exhibition held at Inside Park at St. Bart's, on Tuesday, October 9, next door to the Summit program at St. Bart's Church.

Here's what has been said about us: "Of the many incredible submissions that are empowering individuals to shape their built environment, our jury of Urbanist Members were particularly impressed with your project, Another Country/James Baldwin Outdoor Learning Center."
We would love to thank all the urbanists who participated the event, especially those who came to our table and showed interests in what we are doing and supported us and our outdoor programs.
And big thanks to our team for a stunning presentation!

The combination of tactile artifacts and story handouts, so elegantly formatted was such a strong reminder of where we have come and where we are going!
Two photos above by Vladimir Weinstein
Our presentation; we had several handouts, most of them had accompanying artifacts including 90 year old oak tree wedge. 1. Another Country/James Baldwin Outdoor Learning Center

2. Apple Sauce Muffin

3. Welcome Table

4. Magpie

5. Food Kiosk
Communal - Ground Cherry - Upcycling - Shadowbox Project; we invited visitors to taste our garden grown ground cherry and upcycle its shell to make an interesting object by placing it inside the shadowbox using homemade flour glue.