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MOREOpera Community Chorus performing at the Vladeck Hall

Thank you all for making James Baldwin Returns to America, 1957 – 1968 possible and for enabling us to celebrate Black History Month and reflect on the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr..

Our event drew more than 110 community members who sang, cried, clapped, recited. We served 70 delicious meals and donated another 10 to our local friendly fridge. MOREOpera Community Chorus brought love and sang songs of struggle, hope and courage. We helped to convey a great message! Special thanks to our Director, Cheryl Warfield for so confidently preparing us for a great performance! She called our performance fantastic and so many of our fellow choristers are identifying with the unique bond we share and the excellent quality and character of our chorus.

We invited our community to speak, recite and sing during Open Mic, and they did, beautifully and movingly. Joe Salvo of Aeternal Lovers contributed exquisite accompaniment and remarked on “some truly inspired performances.” He said, “You could really feel the Spirit in the Room.”

We shared a powerful film “I Heard It Through The Grapevine” by Dick Fontaine, documenting James Baldwin’s return to the South in 1982 to revisit key moments and friends from the Civil Rights Movement. We invited our audience to reflect upon where we have been, where we are now and where we are going - and the lasting effects of trauma - as people on this planet - and how we might still heal. Our community volunteers came forward to graciously MC, video tape, manage our Welcome Table and represent our organization.

We learned so much. Yes, lots of history, but also insight into the role that narratives play in the depiction of historic events. We continue to grow more confident in our ability to host what have become natural, "grass roots" if you will, civic and public forums whether it’s in our garden community spaces or inside the lovely Vladeck Hall.

Special thanks to the Bronx Community Foundation for funding for the event and Naomi Lake of Kathy’s Kitchen and Babafemi Ojudun of Baba Juice for offering outstandingly healthy Vegan and Vegetarian meals.JBOLC would also like to thank Amalgamated COOP for allowing us to use the amazing space.

JBOLC Garden Community Farmers Market operates every Saturday, 10 am - 3 pm, from mid June to the end of October.

It is located near corner of Goulden and Sedgwick Avenues and Mosholu Parkway South, and near the north side of DeWitt Clinton High School Educational Campus at 100 W Mosholu Parkway S Bronx NY 10468-.

JBOLC proudly accepts SNAP and EBT and actively distributes NYC Health Bucks to make its market equitable and affordable to all its customers.Every $2 spent at farmers markets using SNAP on an EBT card, get $2 in Health Bucks up to $10 per day as a bonus. That means doubling your spending power.

Let's have a good time together outside!

Green space is community space and healthy environment filled with fresh air, delightful sounds, healing aroma, and bountiful beauty.

Please join us at JBOLC Garden Community Farmers market for local fresh fruits and vegetables, eco-friendly products, home made baked goodies, and nourishing healthy food & drinks. Be a part of singalong, learn to dance and practice yoga.
Ray and JBOLC Sustainability interns, Anna and Paris, making healthy vegetarian pizzas

Ray and JBOLC Sustainability interns, Anna and Paris, are making healthy vegetarian pizzas at the grand opening. We'd like to thank Magdiel Baez for his wonderful shot.

We continue our efforts to make our market Zero Waste.

Please help us by bringing
1. your own shopping bag
2. your own mug to taste our garden herbal tea
3. your food scraps (Please exclude any stickers, rubber bands and anything with wax coating)
And please respect our Carry-in Carry-out policy

Would you like to volunteer with us?

Please visit our Welcome Table for garden tea, delicious baked goods and to sign up. Our regular volunteer hours are Thursdays and Sundays, 4 - 7pm from April to October and Saturday during the market.
If you love to garden, want to learn how, or help us with food preparation, zero waste market and children's program during the market, please join us.

Clatter Valley Farm

Our farmer Jeremy and his daughter Olivia from Clatter Valley Farm

JBOLC Garden Community Farmers Market
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monarch butterfly cacoon
Milkweed seed, chrysalis & monarch butterfly just born at Meg's Garden.
A three year old child whispered, “ .. has wings!”.

JBOLC Insectageddon 2021
James Baldwin Outdoor Learning Center presentation at 2018 Municipal Art Society's Summit for New York City Innovation Exhibition held at Inside Park at St. Bart's, on Tuesday, October 9, next door to the Summit program at St. Bart's Church.

Here's what has been said about us: "Of the many incredible submissions that are empowering individuals to shape their built environment, our jury of Urbanist Members were particularly impressed with your project, Another Country/James Baldwin Outdoor Learning Center."
We would love to thank all the urbanists who participated the event, especially those who came to our table and showed interests in what we are doing and supported us and our outdoor programs.
And big thanks to our team for a stunning presentation!

The combination of tactile artifacts and story handouts, so elegantly formatted was such a strong reminder of where we have come and where we are going!
Two photos above by Vladimir Weinstein
Our presentation; we had several handouts, most of them had accompanying artifacts including 90 year old oak tree wedge. 1. Another Country/James Baldwin Outdoor Learning Center

2. Apple Sauce Muffin

3. Welcome Table

4. Magpie

5. Food Kiosk
Communal - Ground Cherry - Upcycling - Shadowbox Project; we invited visitors to taste our garden grown ground cherry and upcycle its shell to make an interesting object by placing it inside the shadowbox using homemade flour glue.