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We were excited to be awarded NYC Park grant to host tree care events. We would love to thank you all to have joined us in the events. Below are our final report.

First of all, we were pleased to be able to host three events as planned to engage our community volunteers and students in tree caring and also to witness the spontaneous responses from neighbors passing by including young children, who were just excited to join our effort!
We hope we inspired communal spirits and "tree love" in those who joined the events and also the neighbors who happened to witness and that the young trees grow big and strong to bless our neighborhood and the residents for many years to come.
In order to engage more people next time, we are thinking of inviting a number of student groups, especially from the four residing high schools to educate them about how to care for trees and their benefits, and do actual caring. Students would receive a thank you gift and community service letter recognizing their service.
We will also try to host tree care events on a regular basis during growing seasons.
We are collaborating again with Friends of Jerome Park, who are engaging 30 volunteers from Manhattan College Track Team to care for trees this Saturday from 11 to 2.
We would start at the Goulden Street exercise equipment, and then work along Sedgwick leading to Fort Independence Park. This could include those street trees on both sides of Goulden as well as a few trees around the exercise equipment that need to be ringed(do you remember we had several young trees cared and ringed last time?).
We are glad to offer our volunteers to join this exciting event, especially those who live nearby. As it is getting really cool(almost cold!) please dress accordingly and be ready to have fun.
AFTER - THANK YOU ALL for caring our trees again!
we would love to thank Friends of Jerome park for engaging 30 volunteers form Manhattan college track team; together, we were able to care for about 40 street trees in the neighborhood. We weeded, cultivated the bed, and blanketed them with mulch and more than two large bucketfuls of garbage were collected. Now, our village stands lovely and charmed!
After all, it is fun & frinedship building to care for trees together and it is worth getting a bit messy..
Several Linden trees among the 40 trees taken care here along Goulden Avenue; when Spring comes, we would love to try to make linden tea.
And a few days later on our regular volunteers' day, which is every Thursday from 2: 30 to dusk, we cared for a few more young trees, which were surrounded by aggressive stubborn weeds(see below) further down along Goulden Ave. to complete the effort.
Do you notice how much weed we harvested in the wheelborrow from only three tree beds?
See how big and strong the root of weed can be!
We are collaborating with Friends of Jerome Park to take care of trees, especially young ones including several service berry trees along Goulden Avenue from 9 to noon.
Major tasks include weeding, spreading mulch to suppress the weeds, and cleaning up.
Dress accordingly, be ready to get dirty and have fun.

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AFTER - THANK YOU ALL for caring our park and trees!

Several young service berry trees were taken care of( well mulched, seriously weeded) and some garden beds. You can tell how much the young boys enjoyed pulling out intrusive mulberries using the orange extractor. Ray brought home-made apple sauce cake made from rescued apples from school cafeteria, which was really delicious.